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elm00301 / Coin Mech (electronic) MPU
Electronic coin comparitor
In Stock
elm00007 / Speaker
5-1/4" two way Piezo speaker
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spr00020 / Spring
holds motor tension
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080asm018 / Solenoid asmby
New design solenoid assembly
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080bm010 / Ball drop tube
see cab 017, 016 for mounts
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pcb00029 / Opto sensor - Transmitter
registers ball dropping&jackpot
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pcb00032 / New style Power Distribution Board
New design 2/1/08-requires new PS and harness - PDB-010-B Rev B
In Stock
112asm001 / Ticket dispenser Triple
Triple ticket disp. / 90ele015
In Stock
gen80006 / Caster - LOCKING /
Locking wheel caster
In Stock
elm00075 / Switch Large round
Button and Switch only
Not for Sale
115asm015 / Roller Bearing Assembly
Roller Bearing Assembly - 1"
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